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Call Happy is an independant telecoms provider, this allows us to offer you a choice of services for making cheap mobile calls to Jamaica. Our Standard service is the best option for most callers as it provide mopre options to top up. If lowest rates are more important to you we offer alternative services. Below you can compare all of our top-services which lets you to choose the best service for you own particular needs. You can compare rates and features and then top-up using the best service to suit your own specific requirements.

If you would like to call Jamaica from your landline please go to cheap calls to Jamaica.



To call a landline in Jamaica


To call a mobile in



Call set-up fee (per call)
Double pence per minute
rate (max 30p)


Top Up Amounts £3.00 / £5.00

£5.00 / £10.00

How to top up

Text HAPPY to 80041 for £3.00 top-up
message costs £3.00 + one std SMS

Text HAPPY to 80550 for £5.00 top-up
message costs £5.00 + one std SMS

Text CALLHAPPY to 80077for £5.00 top-up
message costs £3.00 + one std SMS

Text CALLHAPPY to 67400 for £10.00 top-up
message costs £10.00 + one std SMS
get £1 free credit with a £10 top-up

Use your credit from any phone

except top-ups made from a Vodafone mobile
Access no.
020 7124 6666

0344 545 0034

Credit Expiry
90 days from last call or top-up
(whichever is later)

90 days from last top-up
Auto top-up

text STOP to number used for top-up to cancel
Terms and Conditions Each call is charged per minute rate for the relevant country. A connection charge equal to twice the pence per minute rate (up to a maximum of 30 pence) for the relevant country is also charged per call. Higher rates generally apply when calling international mobiles and premium rate numbers. Call charges include VAT and are charged per minute, rounded to the nearest penny. An access charge is also charged for the call to our 0207 number. At your service provider's standard rate or included in your call package. You must purchase the card through an active UK mobile. Maximum purchase of £30.00 per day per SIM card. 
Service provided by New Call Telecom Ltd.
Helpline: 033 3321 8705

Please click here for full terms and conditions.

We will automatically top you up with £5.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £5.00 or less with £10.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £10.00. The auto top up will occur just before your calling credit is about to run out. To opt out of the automatic top up, simply text STOP to 80077 or 67400. Ask bill payer's permission before using the service. SMS costs £5 or £10 + standard SMS. Virgin media customers cannot top-up via text message. Vodafone customers can only use the credit from the mobile which has been used to buy the international top-up. Calls charged per minute & apply from the moment of connection. Calls to 03 numbers will cost the same as other standard fixed line numbers (starting 01 or 02), and are included as part of any inclusive or free minutes allowances. A surcharge of 5 pence per minute will be added to the call charge when using our 0800 619 1007 access number. Credit expires 90 days from your last top-up. Daily top-up limit of £30 applies. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Service provided by: Story Telecom Ltd.
Helpline: 0208 497 9210.

To make a call to Jamaica

Simply text the keyword to the top-up number for the service and amount of credit you wish to purchase.
When you receive a confirmation text, dial the access number and at the prompt enter the Jamaica number begining 001876.
Do not press the green send button on your mobile after you have entered the Jamaica number.

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