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If you have fixed line call package or mobile tariff that includes calls to 0870 numbers in bundle and if you regularly any of the destinations below, we can offer you your own unique 0870 access number connected directly to your destination.

To find out if your tariff includes calls to 0870 numbers, please click here

To use this service send an email to containing the full international number (including country code) you wish to connect to and we will email you back with your own unique 0870 number.

This offer is limited to 5 numbers per customer and we reserve the right to reallocate any 0870 number that has not been used for 30 days.

If your destination is not listed below, you may still be able to use your inclusive 0870 minutes to call using our Freecalls service, please go here for further information.


Bangladesh Bangladesh
Belgium Belgium
China China
Greece Greece (landline)
India India
Ireland Ireland
Pakistan Pakistan
Turkey Turkey (landline)
United Kingdom United Kingdom


If your phone provider does not allow you to call 0870 numbers as part of your inclusive bundled minutes you will be charged at a rate of 13 pence per minute plus your phone company's access charge for calling an 0870 number.

If you are in doubt please check with your provider prior to making a call or make a short call for less than a minute and check on your online bill calls breakdown to ensure that calls are inclusive.

If you do not have a tariff that includes calls to 0870 numbers and you are spending more than £8 a month on your International calls and calls to UK mobiles it is often cheaper to add this option to your phone tariff.

Most landlines providers charge for inclusive calls which are longer than 60 minutes, that's for any type of number not just the 0870 numbers. If you are making a long call please hang up after 59 minutes and re-dial.

Do not exceed 1000 minutes per month or 100 calls per month as your provider may charge you if you exceed those limits.

We cannot accept liability for any charges incurred while using this service.