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Important changes to the Call Happy service

Where would you like to call?


Why have the numbers changed?

At Call Happy we are constantly reviewing our rates and quality to ensure you that you are provided with the best possible service. We have changed suppliers to allow us to give you better servce and lower prices.

Will the old numbers still work?

The old numbers will still work in the short term but we cannot guarantee service or support for them, in other words if you cannot reach your destination we will not be able to fix it and you may still be charged for the call.

How do I know what access number I should be using?

Visit where you will always find our current rates and access numbers.

T-Mobile / Three / Orange shortcode access numbers

We are no longer supporting this service, if you have any issues we will not be able to resolve them.
We suggest using either our SMS top up service or Paypal Calling Card both of which are designed specifially to be used from mobile phones.

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