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Make cheap calls from your landline or mobile using Call Happy. We provide instant access and there is no registration required. You can use our services to reduce your costs for calling international numbers from your existing landline or mobile as there is no need to change your service provider.

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Cheap Calls From Your Landline

Use Call Happy to call international numbers from your home or work, there's no need to change service providers as our service works with nearly all UK landlines.

There are no accounts to open or additional bills to pay. We provide instant access, all you need to do is look up the international access number for the country you wish to call above.

Alternatively you can buy Call Happy International Calling Credit using either your mobile, landline*, Paypal or credit / debit card.

All services provide instant access and some of the best rates available. It's easy to lower your call costs with Call Happy. Try our service to make a cheap international call now!

To find out how to call international numbers from your landline please choose the country you wish to call from the menu above.

Cheap Calls From Your Mobile

Make cheap international calls from your mobile phone. Simply send a text message to request international calling credit or use you Paypal account or credit / debit card.

There is no need to buy cheap calling cards as we provide instant access and you do not need to open an account.

Once you have received your top-up you can make cheap calls using using your calling credit via our UK access number or you can use our freephone access number which is free to call from landline and mobiles.

This service works like an international calling card but with the convenience of being able to top-up on the move. This service is compatible with all of the major mobile networks and you do not need wifi to make cheap phone calls.

Choose where you want to call from the list above and make a cheap international call instantly.