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Are BT Looking To Return To Consumer Mobile?

Monday 7 Apr 2014

Rumours about it are spreading like wildfire after the BT Group signed a contract with a new mobile operator on Tuesday, March 25th. The contract was inked with popular mobile operator EE, effectively severing ties with Vodafone Group, its former virtual mobile operator in the United Kingdom.

Smartphone For Kids Launches At UK Toy Fair

Friday 21 Feb 2014

While most parents are happy for their children to have a phone to ensure that they can stay in contact and hopefully increase the safety of their child, many parents are not too sure about providing their child with a smartphone. Giving a child with the opportunity to call and text is important but many of the online opportunities provided by most smartphones are not so welcome for parents.

Phone Number Spoofing Scams

Monday 10 Feb 2014

It is common for you to see the number of the person calling on your phone handsets before you answer. This convenient feature is called “Caller ID” and also known as, “Calling Line Identity” (CLI), it allows you to screen your incoming calls and only answer the ones that you want to.

Call Happy Unveils New International Mobile Top Up Service

Friday 7 Feb 2014

Sparkle Telecom, the company behind Call Happy, has unveiled a convenient new service that allows users to add credit to pay as you go mobile phones in over 20 countries. This revolutionary new service (thought to be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom) allows callers to send mobile phone credit by dialling a UK premium rate number.

O2 Announce Mid-Contract Rises Despite Ofcom Ruling

Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

Following a ruling by Ofcom that anyone entering into a new contract from 23rd January can leave their service provider mid-contract if charges are increased, O2 has announced a price increase from the 1st March 2014.

Will Twitter Become A Selling Platform?

Thursday 23 Jan 2014

There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms for people and businesses in the current climate. The floating of the company received a lot of interest but it also managed to raise a lot of questions. There is a growing amount of sponsorship that is being made available on twitter but there have been concerns about how the platform is going to bring in income. This has always been a concern for Twitter but now that there are shareholders to please, it becomes even more important to provide signs of financial security for years to come.

Euro Tunnel Mobile Phone Use Coming By Summer 2014

Thursday 16 Jan 2014

For some people, staying in touch at all times is crucial. There have been some places in life where people have not been able to get a mobile signal or have been permitted to use their mobile but it looks as though the times are changing. There has already been debate and discussion over whether allowing passengers to use their mobile phones on airplanes is a good thing. There is no safety or security reason why people cannot use their mobile phones on planes, so any dissenters are just people that don’t like other people talking. Another area where mobile phones have been of no use, but could soon be, is the Channel Tunnel.

Phone Call Charges To Be Come Clearer

Thursday 9 Jan 2014

Ofcom have recently announced that the cost of calling businesses and services will become clearer for consumers under major changes to telephone charging. A simpler pricing structure will be introduced for phone numbers beginning 08, 09 and 118. Calls to freephone numbers are to be free from mobile phones as well as fixed lines.

Losing Your Mobile Phone Can Be A Traumatic Experience

Friday 27 Dec 2013

To most of us mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. They are taken everywhere we go and used for hours every day, whether it is for calling, texting, surfing the Internet or updating our social media accounts they are our constant companions. No matter how careful you are the amount of time you spend using your mobile phone means that it is likely that, at some point in time you will incur a loss. Make sure that your phone and it’s contents are covered adequately. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Vodafone Wallet Heads To UK In Spring 2014

Wednesday 27 Nov 2013

Vodafone customers in the United Kingdom will soon have the opportunity to join in with this very modern method of shopping. The Vodafone Wallet is lined up to arrive in the United Kingdom in the first quarter of 2014. This new system will enable consumers to pay for purchases, store their travel card, loyalty cards, gift cards and even their gift vouchers in one handy electronic wallet.

Simple Steps To Get A Better Mobile Phone Deal

Friday 15 Nov 2013

Mobile service providers will generally offer better deals to new customers than the will to existing customers, yet mobile users stay put rather than actively looking for a better deal. Moving networks doesn't need to be a stressful experience.

Queens Park Rangers Make A Hashtag Of Things

Monday 4 Nov 2013

When it comes to communicating via social media, a lot of football clubs are amongst the hardest working people you will find in the medium. There is no doubt that moving away from communicating with fans directly as opposed to through the press, is of considerable interest to football clubs.

Tablets More Popular With Children

Monday 28 Oct 2013

According to a report by Ofcom, the number of children that own a mobile phone is decreasing. This is mainly due to the growth in popularity of tablets. Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report looks at how children access and use different types of media, and the part that parents play in overseeing them.

Ofcom's Statement On Mid-Contract Prices Rises

Friday 25 Oct 2013

With longer contracts becoming more common place, it's important for consumers to know their rights with regards to price increases during their fixed term contract.

Ten Tips To Keep Safe Online

Thursday 24 Oct 2013

Nearly two thirds of people have had negative internet experiences such as their credit or debit card details being stolen or their email account being hacked new research from Get Safe Online reveals.

Brits Take Their Work With Them When On Holiday

Tuesday 22 Oct 2013

Most people go to considerable lengths to take the office with them on holiday. 86 per cent of Britons who are staying in a hotel are accompanied by a work mobile phone and 40 per cent take a laptop according to a recent survey by Pullman Hotels. Another 90 per cent confessed to working and checking business related emails in the evening.

EE Ordered To Change Coverage Checker By ASA

Monday 21 Oct 2013

Mobile giant Everything Everywhere have been told to change it's mobile coverage checker by the Advertising Standards Agency when a customer lodged a complaint. The customer was led to beleieve that they would receive excellent service in their area.

Sky To Increase Phone Charges From 1st December 2013

Monday 7 Oct 2013

Sky has announced to their customers that line rental charges will increase by 90p per month from the 1st December. Their justification for this is that they want to keep improving the service they offer to their customers, this includes investment in four new UK call centres to improve customer service.

Games Consoles - Keeping Your Children Safe

Thursday 19 Sep 2013

A high number or portable media players and games consoles allow you to connect to the internet at the touch of a button. It is important that parents have the necessary information to keep their children safe online while using these devices.

Call Happy Launches New International Airtime Transfer Service

Monday 17 Jun 2013

Call Happy has announced the launch of a convenient new service that allows UK mobile phone users to send mobile airtime to users in other countries.

Are You Getting Unwanted Cold Calls?

Wednesday 15 May 2013

If you are being disturbed by unwanted cold calls, register online with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This official register allows you to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls.

Choices For Making Cheap International Calls

Thursday 28 Feb 2013

With cultures in the United Kingdom becoming more diverse, the need for cheap international calls has become more and more important. The international phone call market is well developed in regards to different ways to keep in touch with friends and family overseas.

Call Happy Announces New Agent Scheme

Tuesday 15 Jan 2013

Cheap international call specialists Call Happy recently revealed details of their new affiliate program. Under the new scheme, anyone can join and promote Call Happy services. This is open to businesses, sole traders and memebrs of the general public. In addition to monthly commission payments, a bonus system rewards agents when they reach specific targets.

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