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Are You Getting Unwanted Cold Calls?

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If you are being disturbed by unwanted cold calls, register online with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This official register allows you to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls. All companies including charities and political parties are not allowed to make calls to numbers registered with the TPS unless they have your permission to do so.

Any individual or sole trader can add their number to the register and it will normally take a maximum of 28 days to take effect. This is a free service and your number stays on the register so long as it remains live.

If you have an ongoing relationship with a company (for example a charity that you may be a regular fund raiser for), they may have already obtained your consent to call you iunless you have specifically told them not to call you for marketing purposes.

You can register landline and mobile numbers with the TPS but this will not stop unwanted SMS (text) messages being sent to you. In order to prevent further messages you should reply with the word STOP to the number that sent the message to you

To find out more or register with the TPS, please visit

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