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Brits Take Their Work With Them When On Holiday

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Most people go to considerable lengths to take the office with them on holiday. 86 per cent of Britons who are staying in a hotel are accompanied by a work mobile phone and 40 per cent take a laptop according to a recent survey by Pullman Hotels. Another 90 per cent confessed to working and checking business related emails in the evening.

Britons were among 2,250 travellers from seven different countries who took part in the survey. Participants were between 25 and 65 and stayed in mid-range to upmarket hotels whilst on holiday. 73 per cent of Britons worked during their holidays and 40 per cent read their emails before turning in for the night.

When questioned why they mixed business with pleasure, 62 per cent of the Britons said that their job required a high amount of involvement, while 28 per cent wanted to show commitment to their employer and 14 per cent felt peer pressure as all of their colleagues did it too.

Other replies showed that 82 per cent of Britons felt obligated to work out of hours, but only 60 per cent felt it would help them to advance their careers. In contrast, 83 per cent of Brazilians and 92 per cent of Chinese holidaymakers participating thought that out-of-hours working helped their career development.

As a result, 72 per cent of Britons felt that work laptops and phones had an influence on their personal life, with 51 per cent feeling guilty for not spending as much time as they wanted to with their families and 27 per cent were reprimanded those close to them for not switching off. In addition 13 per cent of those surveyed tried to hide their out of work activities from their families.

Xavier Louyot , Vice President of Global Marketing at Pullman stated: "Our knowledge of seasoned international travellers has led us to observe various trends over the years.The concept of a 9-5 job is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The need to remain connected to both business and leisure lifestyles has led to a dependence on technology."

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