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Call Happy Launches International Airtime Transfer Service

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Sending A Text Message

Call Happy has announced the launch of a convenient new service that allows UK mobile phone users to send mobile airtime to users in other countries.

This service is aimed primarily are foreign nationals who have friends and family in their country of origin. The process of transferring credit is easy, all the sender needs to do is send a text mssage and the credit is transferred instantly.

A Call Happy spokesperson said "We realise how important it is for migrant workers to be able to send money home. Mobile credit is become more like cash with retailers beginning to accept mobile credit in return for goods and services. Traditionally money transfer services have been used to send money and we see that method of payment still being popular. Where our service will do well is for transferring smaller amounts without the costs and inconvenience. We feel that this will compliment our range of international calling services."

This service, also known as International Mobile top-up can be used to send money to popular countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Philippines and Bangladesh.

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