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Choices For Making Cheap International Calls

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With cultures in the United Kingdom becoming more diverse, the need for cheap international calls has become more and more important. The international phone call market is well developed in regards to different ways to keep in touch with friends and family overseas.

Dialling direct from a landline or mobile phone is usually the most expensive way of calling but the simplest to use.

Technology has provided a new way of keeping in touch, companies such as Skype, Google and Vonage have paved the way in making telephone calls over your internet connection. Talking for free is not uncommon using one of these services if the person you are talking to is using the same service, if you are calling a landline or mobile there are cheaper ways to keep in touch. Calling under developed countries can be problematic as internet infrastructure is not well developed and call quality can be poor.

Calling card rates are usually competitive but users often experience poor quality and hidden charges and they do not always get what they pay for. These cards can be bought at retailers or purchased online using a credit or debit card.

Several companies have set themselves up as 'Mobile Virtual Network Operators' and launched services aimed specifically at ethnic communities. To take advantage of their lower calling rates involves having to switch mobile service providers and there may be additional costs involved such as paying for a mobile handset to be unlocked. All mobile services are switched to these providers such as data, text messaging and UK calls where the rates may not be as good as are available from the more main stream providers.

A convenient option where there is no need to change providers and can be used from landline or mobile are instant dial and sms top up services. Using an instant dial service involves dialling access numbers from your landline which your service provider charges you for or sending an SMS to purchase credit which can be used from your mobile phone. These service are ideal for the regular and occasional user and allow huge savings to be made over dialling direct. The attraction of such a service is that you can choose the best all round landline or mobile service that suits your needs while still being able to take advantage of calling cards rates which a better quality of service.

Call Happy provides one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to make cheap international calls from your landline or mobile.

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