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Smartphone For Kids Launches At UK Toy Fair

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Children Playing On Smartphone

While most parents are happy for their children to have a phone to ensure that they can stay in contact and hopefully increase the safety of their child, many parents are not too sure about providing their child with a smartphone. Giving a child with the opportunity to call and text is important but many of the online opportunities provided by most smartphones are not so welcome for parents.

This is where there has been a need for a smartphone that is designed for the needs of kids (and their parents) and it may be that a firm who has already launched a kids tablet has what parents are looking for.

KD UK, who were previously known an Inspiration Works, have been showing off their Kurio Phone at the London Toy Fair, which took place last month. The launch of the phone is schedule for later on this year and the initial signs about the phone have been positive.

The smartphone will provide internet access and there will be a link to Google Play and an app store provided by Kurio themselves which will provide users with the opportunity to download a range of apps, movies and music to the phone. The screen is a four inch screen with a 480 by 800 resolution and there will be GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity provided as standard. The phone will also come with an internal memory of 4GB and there will be a micro SD card slot provided with the phone.

Parents can stay in control at all times

The smartphone will utilise technology billed as Ichaper Mobile Chaperon, and this provides parents with a number of opportunities to limit what their kids can and cannot do with the phone. There is a chance to set a number of usage limits on the phone and it is possible to manage some of the features of the phone remotely, so there is no need to gain access to the phone. There will be an opportunity to block numbers and there will be an opportunity to create a list of numbers which are authorised to contact the phone and any other phone number will be blocked. This can provide a great deal of comfort for parents who only want their child to communicate with them and selected family members or friends.

The full text and call history will be presented to the parents via means of an app. It will be possible for children to contact emergency services on their phone with just three clicks and parents will be notified of this action immediately, either by email or by SMS. The parent will also be notified of the last recognised position of the phone. There will also be an opportunity for kids to send an SOS message to their parents by holding down, which again will send this immediately while informing the parent of the last known position of the phone.

Medical information can be stored on the phone and with geotracking capabilities, a parent can stay up to date with the movement of their child at all times. There are also some neat features that come into play if the phone has been stolen. It is possible to set off an alarm, photos can be taken on the phone and then sent, it is possible to remove all of the pictures and data contained on the phone and the phone can be shut down completely. With the option to block and filter all websites, this is an opportunity for parents to increase the safety of their kid without limiting their ability to stay in touch.

There are many parents who are keen to provide their child with a smartphone but who have concerns about what their child may see or uncover. This style of smartphone looks set to be a great addition to the family which should hopefully offer peace of mind to parents and fun to the kids.

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