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Queens Park Rangers Make A Hashtag Of Things

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Footballers Talking In A Circle

When it comes to communicating via social media, a lot of football clubs are amongst the hardest working people you will find in the medium. There is no doubt that moving away from communicating with fans directly as opposed to through the press, is of considerable interest to football clubs.

Currently there is not a significant level of monetization through Facebook and Twitter for football clubs, but if it can bring fans closer to a club, there is extremely short term commercial and long-term fan base opportunities for a club.

Queens Park Rangers have taken another step forward for football clubs communicating with their fans. This weekend match, where QPR play at home to Derby County, will see the QPR dugout feature the chosen hash tag for the match. The term “#QPRvDER” is the hash tag for fans to use to share their thoughts on the game and to keep with the opinions of others. The club also utilises this hash tag before the game to announce team line-ups, news and all of the post-match reaction and comments can be found here.

Social Media Communication Is Crucial For Football Clubs.

This is another vital step forward for social media communication in the world of football, but it is clear that clubs are willing to try new things. North of border, champions Celtic has gained plaudits for the MatchDay live app, which engages their fan base throughout the day of a game. Previous games, images and video content are available from the morning of the match, and the teams are announced well in advance of kick-off. The app updates stats throughout the match, keeping fans at the game and beyond right up to date with what the action. The app also engages fans through Twitter, relaying the best or most pertinent tweets to all of the users on the app. The club has also rolled out free Wi-Fi at Celtic Park, following in the footsteps of Real Madrid. Again, this move is viewed by many as being a step towards monetization the match day experience even further, but for now, Celtic fans can surf to their hearts content when the boys play at home.

Of course, football clubs don’t always have the greatest level of success on social media sites with Queens Park Rangers falling foul of the fickle nature of this medium this month. The club must have thought they had pulled off a considerable coup when they got manager Harry Redknapp, the dictionary definition of an old school football manager, to take part in a question and answer session on twitter. The event was well publicised, and a distinctive hash tag was set up to allow Rangers fans to send in their questions to the gaffer.

Of course, with twitter being such an open medium, fans of other clubs and people who have no interest in football but are aware of Harry Redknapp due to his interesting financial past seized the opportunity. The timeline of the Q&A hash tag was immediately filled with the sort of questions that were not going to be asked of the manager. Before too long, it was a trending topic but not for the reasons that the club had wished to receive. With the club openly publicising their hash tag for this weekend’s match in advance, they should probably expect to have a barrage of tweets that are not game related.

A lot of people will think that this is immature, and a childish way to act. However, when it comes to football interaction, this is the sort of activity that football fans love to engage in the most.

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