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Newsletter July 2013

Where would you like to call?

Visit Our New Website

We have just launched our new website. The site has been designed to make our prices and services simpler to view. To keep pace with the explosion in the use of social media we have added buttons to it make easier to follow us and share our pages. You can use the buttons to share individual pages using social media or email and to bookmark / add pages to your favorites making them easier to find next time you need them. Please visit our new website and let us know what you think. Also please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Click the following link and you will be taken directly to our new homepage;

Don't Forget You Can Make Huge Savings With Call Happy From Your Landline and Mobile

There is no need to change service providers and no new bills to pay as your service provider charges you for using the Call Happy service.

Using Call Happy From Your Landline

Using our unique access numbers, you can make a call instantly and our rates are much cheaper than dialing direct. Remember our website is the best place to get the most up to date list of rates and access numbers. Visit

Using Call Happy From Your Mobile

Make great savings on international calls from your mobile phone without having to change service providers. Top-up by SMS or use your Paypal account or credit / debit card.

Get Paid for Recommending Call Happy

If you have friends and family that call abroad you can get paid every time they make a call. Simply register to become an agent and whenever anyone someone uses you access numbers to make a call or your keyword to top-up you'll receive a generous commission. It's free to become an agent and there are no targets to achieve but the more people using your numbers, the more money you will earn. Visit the Call Happy agent page for more information.

Rates From Non-BT Landlines

We often get asked how much other service providers charge for calling our access numbers, we have listed the main landline service provider's charges for calling our access numbers at other service providers charges. If your service provider is not listed please contact them directly for charges or send us an email and we will do our best to find out the charges for you.

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