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News of some fantastic price reductions and new services

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Instant Dial Access Number Price Changes

On Wednesday 17th July we will be implementing some rate decreases (and some increases), a few highlights below;

  • Australia Mobile 4p/min
  • France Mobile 1p/min
  • Germany Mobile 1p/min
  • Greece Mobile 1p/min
  • Iran 3p/min
  • Ireland Mobile 3p/min
  • Kenya fixed and mobile 4p/min
  • Nepal Mobile 5p/min
  • Nigeria 4p/min
  • Philippines 7p/min
  • Poland Mobile 2p/min
  • South Africa Mobile 4p/min
  • Zimbabwe 6p/min

You will be able to call the main UK Mobile networks (O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone) for just 1p/min from your landline.
Go to to see exactly how much you can save!

There are many more reductions so please visit for a full list of changes.

In order to benefit from these reductions, you will need to dial the new access number. If you use the old number, you will pay the old price.
Please visit our website to see the full list of changes and to find out your new access numbers. 
If the country you call is subject to a price increase, you will no longer be able to call using the existing access number from Wednesday, please click below to find out if this affects you and what your new access number and rate will be.
Note: The prices and access numbers on our website will be updated on Wednesday 17th July but you can get a preview on the link above.

SMS Top-up Price Changes

There are new rates for some destinations using our SMS top-up service, these can be found at

New SMS Top-up Services With Low Low Rates

We have added 2 new SMS top-up services with very competitive rates - a few examples below;

Bangladesh Fixed and Mobile 1.5p/min
Nigeria Fixed and Mobile 4p/min
Pakistan Mobile 3.5p/min
Poland Mobile 2.5p/min
South Africa Fixed 1.5p/min - Mobile 5.5p/min

To see all of our options for making cheap calls from your mobile, please visit where you can compares rates and features.

New Service - International Airtime Transfer

We have just launched a new service that allows you to transfer mobile credit to overseas mobiles phone so now you can send credit to friends and family so that they can call you.
It's as simple as sending a text message and the credit is transferred instantly. Please visit the link below for details and availability of this revolutionary new service;

Don't Forget You Can Make Huge Savings With Call Happy From Your Landline and Mobile

There is no need to change service providers and no new bills to pay as your service provider charges you for using the Call Happy service.

Using Call Happy From Your Landline

Using our unique access numbers, you can make a call instantly and our rates are much cheaper than dialing direct.
Remember our website is the best place to get the most up to date list of rates and access numbers.

Using Call Happy From Your Mobile

Make great savings on international calls from your mobile phone without having to change service providers. Top-up by SMS or use your Paypal account or credit / debit card.

Get Paid for Recommending Call Happy

If you have friends and family that call abroad you can earn every time they make a call. Simply register to become an agent and whenever anyone someone uses your access numbers to make a call or your keyword to top-up you'll receive a generous commission.
It's free to become an agent and there are no targets to achieve but the more people using your numbers, the more money you will earn.
Visit the Call Happy agent page for more information.

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